Feeling out of sorts, feeling down, not having the motivation to do everyday tasks?

Depression takes on many masks, and hides itself within your mental state, sometimes without you realising. The lifestyle we lead, we tend to put our mental health on the shelf while tending to daily tasks often forgetting to look after ourselves.

How much time do you set aside for your Physical wellbeing?  Do you have a goal to do 30 minutes of exercise each week? Do you try to ensure you eat a healthy meal at least once or twice a week?

How much time do you set aside for your mental wellbeing? Chances are you don’t even consider it, But on the flip side, how much time do you spend at work, how much time do you spend commuting? Or how much time do you spend looking after family, friends even work colleagues?

Taking time out, solely just for you, to reflect on what is going on in your world alone will assist in working towards a happier life for yourself and those around you. It’s not selfish to seek time and space to be alone, and clear you mind of all external troubles and start to think about yourself and what is it that makes you happy.

When was the last time you were happy? What were you doing? What is the “thing” that brings you the most joy?

If you struggle to think about what does actually make you happy, and you feel reflecting is in turn depressing you more, maybe it might be time to talk to a trained professional who can help you with your own personal wellbeing.

Putting the “I” back into Happiness