Why workplace Happiness Matters.

Freud stated that work and love are the cornerstones of life.

Work plays a very big part of our lives, and it can drastically impact on our overall happiness. For many, work adds a negative impact rather than making them happier.

Terms such as “Mondayitis, hump day or Thank god it’s Friday” have the obvious show that people are happier when they are not at work, and are counting the days and time until they are able to leave.

There is research that shows happier workers are more liked by their colleagues, earn more money and perform better than their unhappier co-workers. Happy employees are more loyal, more likely to contribute above and beyond their job title, be an active team player and have few sick days. Not only that, happiness can spread, sharing it with others not just within the office, but at home and in the community.

To have work satisfy the psychological needs and other factors which are the essence to happiness, as well as provide an income, happy workers would have a great advantage over those who are much less happy.