We understand that when you are trying to book a counselling appointment it might not always be during business hours, or you might not be in a location where you can’t call and make an appointment over the phone.

For new clients we set aside time on Wednesday/Friday and Saturday mornings to ensure you can get an appointment with minimal delay. You are able to make appointments for our individuals, couples and tele-health counselling services. The booking process allows you to see what appointment times are available and only takes 2-3 minutes to complete. Online appointments require you to pre-pay for your first session using our secure online payment gateway.

Once you book in you will receive a confirmation email and SMS, and a link to the patient registration form. This can be filled out online prior to your appointment or on the day at the practice.

   Book An Appointment Online

Check out our guide – How to make an online booking

If booking online isn’t for you, you can always email us or Or call us on  08 8166 7733 to discuss your counselling needs, and find a suitable time.

Make a booking online anytime