Couples Counselling

A relationship that needs rescuing from a crisis can be a huge challenge for couples. Both individuals in the relationship need to want to save it.

At Happiness Matters, our counsellors are here to help you grow skills which can then be used to build a happier, healthier relationship.

Often one of the partners is coming along reluctantly for relationship or marriage counselling, at Happiness Matters we will make every effort to help that person feel at ease.

During your sessions with the Counsellor you will each learn how to communicate; including how to Listen and understand your partner’s needs, and how to express your own needs.


What you will NOT get in relationship or couples counselling is:

  • advice to end your relationship, without you having come to that conclusion yourself
  • an opinion on your partner in terms of good or bad
  • destructive criticism about behaviors, actions and opinions
  • hope that your counsellor can change your partner

Relationship Counselling can also include an individual who is confused on the state of their relationship, and unsure where to turn for help.  If your partner is not so keen on the idea of Couples Counselling, Individual counselling can still be beneficial.

Individual counselling can still help you to:

  • consider and manage the effects on the people around you of changes in you, your circumstances and your decisions
  • explore the role you might play in your relationship problem – without judgment
  • explore your options in terms of your future
  • improve your communication skills if necessary
  • identify and deal with any personal –as well as relationship – problems
  • get support if you or your partner end your relationship or marriage, from someone who is completely independent.

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