Skype and telephone counselling is available with a counsellor from Happiness Matters. This can be particularly helpful for people who are unable come into the city, live rurally, and for those people who are based outside of Australia.

The benefits of Skype and phone counselling:

  • An appointment can be arranged at convenient times for you.
  • Your location doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be in Adelaide, South Australia.

Please note: If you are ever so distressed about a problem that you have thoughts of harming yourself, please confide in a friend or relative AND contact your own doctor AND/OR call for emergency help on 000.

Setting Up Skype

Setting up Skype so you can access our online counselling service is easy. Simply go to the “Get Skype” section of the Skype website, and select the program which suits your computer (Mac or Windows). Simply click on the relevant icon and follow the instructions to download Skype to your computer.

To set up your Skype User Name, go to Create an Account or Join Skype and enter your information as requested. At the end of the page, you will be asked to select a user name and password. Select your username carefully as you will not be able to change it. If you want your friends to easily find you on Skype, consider using a simple version of your name.  You are now ready to start using Skype

Once you have logged on to Skype (using your username and password), go to the menu bar and click on Contacts > Add Contact.  Enter the username “Happiness Matters Counselling” and click Add.

Now you are ready for your online counselling session. At the appointed time, simply log on to Skype and click on the “Happiness Matters Counselling” contact to start the call. If your counsellor is online and your call is working, your computer should make a ringing sound much like a normal dial tone.  Your counsellor will ‘pick up’ at the appointed time and your online counselling session can commence.

Phone Counselling

Telephone counselling also provides a safe and private discussion with a counsellor. When you don’t have access to a reliable fast speed internet, or you simply prefer the telephone, it’s easy and convenient to speak to one of our Counsellors to discuss your situation.

Confidentiality is always important to us and is an integral part of both the Skype and telephone relationship counselling service that we provide. All telephone counselling calls remain confidential at all times.

Telephone counselling provides a safe, personal and supportive environment for any individual or a couple to seek relationship guidance and advice.

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