We specialise in providing confidential and compassionate counselling services for individuals.

Our face to face counselling is performed in our practice, located in Glenelg South.. We also have Skype and telephone counselling options available.

Most of our clients have some level of support structure around them to help them through life’s everyday issues. The main reason that most people see a counsellor is that there is something too private, too overwhelming, or those normal support processes won’t work in this case.

When you talk to a counsellor, you enter a safe space that is free from judgement. This provides you with the freedom to address things that might be embarrassing, awkward, or deeply personal.  The counsellor will lead you through a process, using a number of proven strategies to help you overcome the behaviour that is causing you the distress.

If you don’t know if you need counselling, just call and talk to us (08 8166 7733 ) or send an email.  If we are in a session we will call you back usually within an hour or two, when we can take the time to listen, and work out if counselling is right for you.

Is it confidential?

The main advantage to seeing a counsellor in private practice, is that we don’t receive funding from external sources. This means that information about your counselling session isn’t recorded for funding purposes. The session is not recorded against your permanent medical record.

The fact that you are a customer of our practice, you can choose who you disclose this information to, and you do not need to tell to your employer, your partner, or your health insurer, unless you want to tell them.

We do have an obligation to make sure you and those around you are safe, and provide certain records if ordered to by a court, but we will cover off on this on your first session.

How many sessions will you need?

We recommend regular sessions, so that a momentum of trust in yourself, the process and your counsellor can be built. However, you can book at intervals that suit you, and re-assess as you go.

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Or call us on  08 8166 7733 to discuss your counselling needs.