A powerful reflection of 2015 from a client of mine.
As my close friends would know in 2015 I had something happen to me that shook me to my core and tried to beat me, and just when I was venturing out of the gloom, it happened again and knocked me down.
But 2015 I won.
You threw everything you had at me, and I’ll admit, there were some dark times when I thought about letting you win. But what you should know about me is that I am stronger now. When you came back for me a second time, it hurt. I thought there was a little bit of colour returning to the world, and then you shattered it for me for the second time in under a year.
It still hurt.
I still tucked myself into a ball and cried until I couldn’t cry any more. But this time when I  was done and looked around, I found that I was surrounded by those core people who loved me most. I didn’t have to explain myself to them, they weren’t there to give advice, they were just there for me when I needed them to be.
They held me when I needed to be held, and helped me through those days when I couldn’t help myself, but most importantly they listened, and when someone truly gives you 100% of their attention and really listens, that is when you can start to see things for what they really are, and a little bit of colour returns to the world around you.
So Fuck off 2015, I’m still here and your not.
And if you see your mate 2016 around, let him know that I’m coming back for round 3. This time I’m stronger and feel better about myself than I have in a good many years, and I’ve got a team of family, friends and professionals helping me all the way.
So all you other years, if your reading this, I know one of you will get me in the end, but its not going to be 2016, and the strength of the relationships I have built this past year, will make the time I have so much sweeter.
 Sending back strength to ensure everyone else has a happy new year too
2015 I Won